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RCG Farm- Horse Stables
Newtown Connecticut

Year Completed

In Progress



The Horse Stables is one of two main buildings for a pre-eminent private horse facility for equestrian hunters and jumpers.  PH Architects completed the master plan for the equestrian facility and we are currently in the approval process for the individual buildings.  

The 20 stall stable building includes stalls, feed and support areas for the horses as well as tack storage, a reception area and a trophy room.  We have also incorporated two apartments and hay storage areas on the second floor of the stables building.  The design of the building follows with the architectural vernacular established by the Storage Barn, the first building built as part of the facility.  We have continued the use of fieldstone as the farm icon as well as incorporating a wood shingled exterior to reinforce the architectural vernacular of the facility.

The stable building was designed with the Indoor Arena and the Sand Ring as a complex of buildings that needed to work and relate with each other.  The proportion and scale of each building was carefully crafted with the other buildings in mind so they would work individually and as a group of buildings.  

There are passive energy design elements we designed into the stables.  To maintain the proper environment for the horses we have operating dormer and cupola windows to provide natural ventilation.  We have also utilized radiant heating, mechanical ventilation and the building is equipped throughout with automatic sprinklers.